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Age: late 20's

Figure: 38C-37"-50" 

Eyes : hazel 

Hair: deep brown, currently just past shoulders with my natural waves

Shoe size: 10

Sign: leo

Orientation: bisexual

Food: local, italian, french, indian, japanese (but I love to experiment)  

Drink: red wine(full bodied), rosé (not too sweet), prosecco, scotch, dark & stormy, Aperol spritz

Languages: french, english , basic spanish

420 friendly


Music: my tastes are too eclectic to be defined, check out my mixtapes


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About me


Standing at 5’10 on two strong legs and blessed with generous curves, I am aware that I'm a lot.


Luckily, I operate from an abundance mindset : there is always more opportunity to seize,  more wonders to discover.  I refuse to make myself smaller for anyone , I am a luxurious garden full of flowers bursting open towards a life lived to the fullest. My heart is overflowing and my gifts are meant to be shared.


I believe that pleasure is not something we should  compromise on. I  always laugh wholeheartedly , I always dance with abandon  and I will tell you to book that vacation and to get that second dessert .


I’m forever on a quest to find joy wherever I can, for that is our greatest luxury in this sometimes bleak world . These days I mostly find it in the form of spending time in nature, road trips in good company, mind-expanding readings & conversations, making playlists , perusing antiques stores , wandering in museums, silly jokes, delicious meals and fancy cocktails.


I do have a sunny disposition, however beware of the tumultuous storm looming beneath the surface . If you look into these kind hazel eyes for too long , the gaze of a sultry siren takes over . I was born by the sea and its passionate fury still boils in my veins, ready to be unleashed. I will bewitch , wreck and swallow you whole but fear not, for I will always safely carry you back to the shore once the storm has passed.


After all, don’t they say that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor ?


About you 

You are not scared by the fullness of my being because you know you can handle it . You let yourself be warmed and inspired by the light of a whole woman instead of trying to dim it. You want to have your cake and eat it too , you’re looking for the full package. You’ve been asking yourself : « Isn’t there more to life ? » .


Well, here I am.

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About me

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