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In a few words

Age: 28

Height: 5'10" (a gentle giantess)

Figure: 38C-37"-50" 

Eyes : hazel 

Hair: deep brown

Shoe size: 10

Sign: leo

Orientation: bisexual

Piercings: nipples

Grooming: neatly trimmed 

Food: local, italian, french, japanese (but I love to experiment)  

Drink: red wine, prosecco, scotch, moscow mules

Language: french, english , basic skills in spanish

420 friendly

university educated

 Fully vaccinated


 Nature, arts, fashion, social justice, writing, psychology, fine dining & groovy songs 

Who is she ?

The sparkling joy of a bonfire

The enveloping warmth of a woodstove

Captivating like dancing flames

Burning desires & smoldering gaze

Will you get carried away by the blaze ?


Blessed with a tall and generous figure that commands attention , I might leave you stunned at first . But then the genuine love for people that beams from my heart of gold  will  put you right at ease .


A comforting presence, paired with pillowy lips, velvety skin & attentive eyes in an ever so inviting combination.


Skilled and intuitive lover , I dive in with a consuming passion when it comes to the many pleasures our bodies can experience. Curious and open-minded , your naughty secrets are safe with me .

I love to entertain and I shine in conversation, be it musings about the meaning of life or a heated debate. My humor and sense of wonder make for a delightful encounter that will leave you smiling and looking on the bright side  (and probably biting your lip too) .

Au plaisir !



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